Pearl of Deccan

Hyderabad is a city situated on banks of river Musi. A close friend walked down the streets of city of nizams. And this is what she came back with ...

City Escape

Delhi, city of multi-facets, multi-culture. Some times I wonder if its one city at all. Some interesting photos about few cities in delhi

Bar next door

Bangalore is a city of bars and pubs. But in most cases ... how to put it, emmm they tend to be character-less. So why am I blabbering away to glory then. Thats because, I happened to be in this bar which goes by the name Deewars, I just wonder who came up with that name. Its a bar located on millers road. To pin point the location, its right next to the first under bridge coming from St John's Cathedral.

Plan B

I should have changed the base color of the site to black before posting this. Being a huge fan of thermal and a quarter, I intended to mirror there Plan B album. So finally got around getting the hosting space to do so. So here goes Plan B